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7 December 12


Only 7 more days until my ring is back from being resized!!! :D
Seriously. Cannot. Wait.

It’s a beyond beautiful ring, and I can’t wait until it’s a part of my forever wardrobe. ^_^

And I have amazing friends who keep giving me SO many ideas for the wedding! I literally wake up with picture texts from Rachel :3
My life is so at peace, and I love every second of it.
Amazing soulmate, rad friends, and a family who’s always here for me. And my puppy, who treats me as if I leave for days instead of hours :))

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6 December 12

Sheer bliss;

There honestly are no words that can explain how happy I am!
It’s only been a week since Patrick proposed, but I’ve had so many ideas for the wedding.
He truly is my Prince Charming :3
In every way possible.
It’s going to be fun planning my wedding with my best friend/soulmate! ^___^

Eeeeeppp *does happy dance* :3

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4 December 12


Patrick and I have picked a date!
And I’ve got a few things planned already :3
So exciting!

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2 December 12


There’s something sincerely heartwarming about talking to Patrick about our wedding day ideas.
It’s a special conversation that you only share with that one special person. No one else gets to hear these ideas and dreams like they do.
They get to see a part of you (mostly about females) that you’ve been planning for most of your life. Everything you’ve seen throughout the years, everything that has stuck out to you for wedding ideas… they’re stored in a special place until you get to share the amazingness with the one you love.

Call me a dork, but it feels as if Patrick and I are blossoming even more as a couple and it’s beyond beautiful. ^___^

Oh, I’ve got wedding fever. :3

1 December 12


Words cannot explain my happiness and excitement!!
I love you Patrick!



Words cannot explain my happiness and excitement!!
I love you Patrick!

11 November 12

Twenty months;

I seriously cannot believe how fast and slow time goes at the same time. Twenty months ago, I asked Patrick to be mine. And now twenty months later, I’m simply awestruck. I really have nothing to complain about :3

The other day someone told me how they envied my relationship with Patrick, saying how they’ve never seen us argue. And it’s true. We have minor arguments. Mainly about hanging up towels, cleaning up, etc. stupid things xD
And I’m so glad that we just barely argue, and about stupid things.
I feel so genuinely lucky.

When it’s the right person, it’s easy. It’s easy because they make life easier.

Patrick is, indeed, my true soulmate.
And I can’t wait for him to ask the big question soon. I know it’ll be soon, I can just tell. :3 EEEEEP!
I’m just so grateful that God led me down the path that led me to Patrick.

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23 October 12
You make me thank God for all the mistakes I made because each one of them led me down the path that brought me to you.


But soooo true!

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29 September 12
I seriously have the best boyfriend to ever exist. He&#8217;s so good to me, even when I&#8217;m moody :3

He brought home flowers, chocolates and an iced coffeeeee from DD for me =]

I seriously have the best boyfriend to ever exist. He’s so good to me, even when I’m moody :3

He brought home flowers, chocolates and an iced coffeeeee from DD for me =]

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6 May 12

I can’t believe that Friday will mark 14 months with Patrick. I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful man by my side through thick and thin, through good and bad and everything in between.
He’s seen me at my best and my worst, and has seen all my moods (even when they weren’t very pretty) and he still loves me unconditionally.
He took me to see Five Year Engagement yesterday and it was such a good movie. The sex scenes were a bit much xD but oh well.
Anywho, watching a movie where they were planning a wedding makes me really excited for whenever that chapter enters mine and Patrick’s life.
I honestly can’t wait until he decides to pop the question, but I’m still beyond happy regardless of that next relationship title. Because I know he will be the man at the end of the aisle when I do get married. And that’s enough for me, right now :)))
Pretty much, I’m just happy that I found Patrick. He’s the best thing that’s still happening to me.
I remember telling him that the first night we spent together, and everyday the meaning becomes stronger and more powerful.
He’s my world, and more. :3

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30 March 12
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