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7 December 12

Cool Engagement Photo

So cute :D


Cool Engagement Photo

So cute :D

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Only 7 more days until my ring is back from being resized!!! :D
Seriously. Cannot. Wait.

It’s a beyond beautiful ring, and I can’t wait until it’s a part of my forever wardrobe. ^_^

And I have amazing friends who keep giving me SO many ideas for the wedding! I literally wake up with picture texts from Rachel :3
My life is so at peace, and I love every second of it.
Amazing soulmate, rad friends, and a family who’s always here for me. And my puppy, who treats me as if I leave for days instead of hours :))

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I decided to start watching The Vampire Diaries again :3
It took me a while to figure out which episode I watched last. It’s been a good two years haha.
Hello middle of season 2!

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So cute!

So cute!

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6 December 12

Sheer bliss;

There honestly are no words that can explain how happy I am!
It’s only been a week since Patrick proposed, but I’ve had so many ideas for the wedding.
He truly is my Prince Charming :3
In every way possible.
It’s going to be fun planning my wedding with my best friend/soulmate! ^___^

Eeeeeppp *does happy dance* :3

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Definitely getting a picture like this of us!


Definitely getting a picture like this of us!

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Me before Tumblr


Me after Tumblr



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